Adrienne Ivy is a fine artist who uses photography to influence thought beyond presentation. “Stories are meant to be told yet I believe it is our individual understanding of those stories that motivates culture”. Her rule-bending style is often conceptual; leaving its meaning to wider interpretations. 

Hailing from a middle class neighborhood in New Jersey, being one of the Joneses seemed like greener pastures. Her Christian family attempted to shelter her from the ills of being Black in america, but life has deeply humbled their efforts. Adrienne doesn’t necessarily consider herself an activist by any means and chooses to engage in activism through “acti-vision”. She considers perspective to be personal accounts of world view empowered by unique individual experiences. Her artwork holds special meaning, yet allows for dialogue outside of her picket fence. She hopes her work tells others more about themselves; encouraging introspection and inspiring social change.

Ivy has formally studied photography at Long Beach City College and other artistic mediums at her alma mater Seton Hall University in New Jersey. She is currently focusing on the relationships between perception and reality by using reflective and see through materials. Adrienne is based in Long Beach and is open to commissions. Her work can be seen online, at exhibitions, and is available for purchase via private sale.

professional experience

Resident Photographer

Xela Institute of Art - current


LOVE What a Wonderful World!

Munzón Gallery: March 25th - April 5th, 2023

The Mind Weaves

The Webs We Need

Experimental & New Media Photography Exhibition; Curated by Brian Doan

Icehouse Arts Complex: December 11th - 16th, 2022