Tree: The Creator Who Heals Through Vulnerability

3 Question Interview

Adrienne Ivy: How are your passions reflected in your art?

Tree: I'm passionate about creating positive change and spreading knowledge, uplifting and connecting people, dismantling societal norms, things like that. I think those things are reflected in the stories I tell through my art. I used to describe it as "showing my scars in hopes of healing others'." So I think my ability to be vulnerable and think outside the box in my art is probably one of the biggest displays. Also, I'm super passionate about creating in itself, so typically I've had a hand in creating nearly every element that goes into it. There's just something about creating something beautiful out of (seemingly) nothing that I find really inspiring.

Ai: How would you describe your style?

T: This is one of my least favorite questions (laughs). I feel like I never really answer the question, because my style is pretty fluid and arbitrary. It's like whatever makes me feel like a superhero. There's some punk in there for sure, and some anime. As the great Rico Nasty put it, "don't come out the house unless I'm wearing something whimsical." 

Ai: What would be the opening track to your biopic?

T: Again by Rico Nasty