Jacklyn: Chainmail Designer & Noodle Lover

3 Question Interview

Adrienne Ivy: How do you see yourself in your work?

Jacklyn: My work is a reflection of me and whatever I’m most focused on at the moment. You can always tell the place I’m in by what I create. In the height of the pandemic I was feeling very connected to my sexuality - spending lots of time alone or with a select few who I was intimate with. That was a big part of where I was at during that time and was reflected in what I was making - lots of lingerie pieces, things that made me feel strong and sexy, things I wanted to wear in my bedroom either alone or with someone else. And then sometimes I would feel overwhelmed by sexuality and turn to jewelry, which I have a habit of just giving away lol. But it feels right for those pieces, making them feels like little breaks in the big picture and I like to share those moments with other people. Now I’m living in downtown LA and anytime I step out of the house I feel eyes on me. I’m making bigger bolder pieces with fewer intricacies. Pieces that stand out in a crowd and get you noticed, but at the same time offer a sense of protection and blend with the cityscape.

Ai: Where do you find influence?

J: I find influence everywhere but I love just working with the human body to find and accentuate all the interesting curves and nooks. I pay attention to what’s going on in high fashion, leatherwork, kink, and all artists who work with unconventional materials to create wearable pieces. There are so many people creating really mind-blowing works that the inspiration can be overwhelming. And now with digital fashion the options are literally endless. I’ve found I excel under the confines of working within a particular craft (chainmail) that provides structure and limitations. Right now I’m focused on developing a shibari inspired line, which speaks to the influence kink has always had in my work. And sex, generally. I find a huge amount of influence in sex. 

Ai: What is your comfort food?

J: Noodles. Any kind really but when I’m feeling up to making homemade fettuccini with a classic marinara sauce - that’s the ultimate comfort.